• Murano glass is an elegant indication of luxury: receiving your guests under the elegant light of a sumptuous venetian chandelier is a truly wonderful experience.

  • The great tradition of glass became a product of excellence in Murano to adorn the splendid palaces on the Grand Canal and the halls of royalty all over Europe.

  • The luxury of Murano glass is universal: it brings style, fine taste, elegance, exclusivity and wealth to the most beautiful homes. Transparencies, light, shadows, reflections and colours: these are the characteristics of every chandelier that is born from the creativity of Murano.


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A wide variety of chandelier styles:

The infinite creativity of Murano's glassmakers has given rise to an incredible variety of art glass styles, and Venetian chandeliers are no exception! With the help of contemporary design experts, as well as the masters' exquisite craftsmanship, we can offer a wide array of products ranging from modern lighting to classic chandeliers, including traditional "Rezzonico" pieces.

Classic chandeliers

For centuries, blown Murano Glass has been the material of choice for creating decorative lighting in princely palaces and luxury homes. Classic Venetian Glass chandeliers have transitioned seamlessly from candles to electric lighting, from traditional home decor to contemporary interior decorating.

Modern chandeliers

From the innovative choice of colours to the addition of contemporary decorative elements, modern Venetian chandeliers have a range and variety of styles that fit every home decor needs! Streamlined, cutting-edge design as well as top-level glass artistry make these modern Murano lighting pieces truly unique.

Rezzonico chandeliers

The "Rezzonico" style of Venetian chandelier was born in the 1700's, upon a special request by the Rezzonico family in Venice. Its unique design involves a multi-part construction of its many light-bearing arms, each component exquisitely crafted by skilled Murano glassmakers to fit perfectly with the next. A true show of mastery in your home!

Custom chandeliers

Are you dreaming of the perfect lighting accessory to complete your home decor project? Do you have specific space, colour, or pattern needs! Our glassmakers can make your custom lighting projects come true! Just contact us and we will take you on a unique journey of making your personalized chandelier a reality.

Glassblowing: refined to perfection by Murano glassmakers

Glass-blowing, which most likely originated in Syria between the first century BC and the first century AD, is a glass manufacturing technique that revolutionized glass production times by significantly speeding them up. This may be defined as the "classic" technique for creation of hollow objects, such as chandelier arms. Glass can be mouth-blown or mould-blown.

In the first instance the master, aided by his assistants, shapes the object by blowing through a long hollow metal tube, the so-called "blow-pipe". The glass is picked up from the center of the oven, blown and shaped by use of a "borsella", a pair of flexible tongs that can accomplish different tasks depending on their shape. Indeed, the borsella can be used to pinch the object, narrow it, remove imperfections, open it up or give it a precise shape.

During this work, the pipe is countinuously spun to avoid warping the glass, as it is still soft at this stage and can be warped by gravity.

Mould-blowing, on the other hand, involves blowing the glass into a mould which, in Murano, is built out of pear wood. It can be made out of two or three hinged pieces, used to shape the object, or by a single truncated conical piece, sometimes made of bronze or brass, used to imprint a decorative pattern onto the object.

The final decorative touches of chandeliers are made with a wide variety of techniques, drawn from the master glassmakers' experience in creating sculptures, goblets and even jewellery. From delicately shaped flowers, to precious 24-carat gold leaf coatings, to hanging "sommerso" pendants: countless intricate techniques meet the essential blown shapes of the chandelier arms and cups to make each masterpiece unique and infinitely customizable.

Venice Glass Blowing
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