• The Vetro Artistico® Murano trademark certifies with certainty that every chandelier is created on the island of Murano in Venice by master glassmakers. The Trademark appears as an adhesive label that carries the producer's number code and the writing Vetro Artistico® Murano in gold leaf.

  • The Trademark of Origin was established by an Italian law (Regione Veneto lex. n. 70 del 23/12/'94) and it is the only official guarantee of a glass chandelier certainly made on the island of Murano. The trademark assures the customer and defends one of the most famous symbols of Made in Italy born from a thousand-year-old tradition.

  • The "Vetro Artistico® Murano" adhesive label of origin is applied on each chandelier. With this trademark, the Veneto Region guarantees to the consumer the certainty of purchasing a product made on the island of Murano in Venice, according to the traditional techniques of the master glassmakers.


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Our 4 essential guarantees:

Trademark of Origin

Every chandelier in is certified by the Trademark of Origin "Vetro Artistico® Murano", managed by the Consortium Promovetro which unites glass producers on the island of Murano. This Trademark protects consumers and safeguards the authenticity of this handcrafted Made in Italy product against counterfeits and imitations.

Glassmaker's quality guarantee

All chandeliers are handcrafted one by one, and each product is guaranteed by the individual Murano glass-making furnace and by the master artisan who created it. The written warranty from the furnace is included in the packaging of every item that we ship to you.

Defect warranty

We guarantee our chandeliers against production defects (Dlgs 206/05) for 24 months after purchase. The written warranty is included in every chandelier we ship, undersigned by the glassmaker who has crafted that Murano Glass creation.

UL general coverage and European directives

All chandeliers, lighting fixtures and lamps are compliant with directives and safety standards applied in the United States and Canada. They are also fully compliant with European Directives regarding lighting and electrical products.

Buying the Original Murano Glass: What does it mean

Beware of counterfeits! YourMurano Lighting guarantees a fair price for a true Murano Glass chandelier; other offers that sound too good to be true often are, and cannot guarantee originality, quality and value over time. Make a well-informed choice!

Look out for vendors that claim to sell products "Made in the style of Murano" or "Murano Art Style", or even "Made in Venice": With no official guarantee, those items could be made anywhere outside of Murano, far from Venice or even outside of Italy.

Always ask the following question explicitly: "Is it made on the island of Murano?" The only possible answers are Yes or No -- there is no in between!

Only an original Murano Glass chandelier is created with traditional processes and techniques, which guarantee its exceptional quality and value through the years.

Each piece requires the expertise of some of the island's most renowned master glassmakers, as well as several days' work, to ensure the perfection of each component of your chandelier and all its decorative and finishing elements.

The entire manufacturing process is done exclusively by hand, hot-working the glass in traditional ovens.

Once each component is shaped, a team of quality control experts verifies the complete piece through a test-assembly, meticulously checking each part.

Finally, the chandelier and all its components is carefully packed with its guarantees and certificates, ready for shipping. The packing process is done by experts who have been shipping delicate glass worldwide for decades, with proven techniques and materials, to ensure the absolute security of your new treasure.

Orseolo Chandelier Trademark of Origin
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