• An exclusive lighting collection, available only online, directly from the glassmakers that have made Murano Glass Chandeliers famous all over the world.

  • The perfect selection of classic and modern chandeliers, in any style you need: all completely customizable with a wide range of colours, shapes and decorations.

  • Made in traditional glassmaking furnaces in Murano and shipped directly from Venice, our Murano Lighting Glass Chandeliers are ready to make your home truly unique: Original Murano luxury is just a click away!


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Our 4 essential guarantees:

Trademark of Origin

Every Chandelier is certified by the Trademark of Origin "Vetro Artistico® Murano", managed by the Consortium Promovetro which unites glass producers on the island of Murano. This Trademark protects consumers and safeguards the authenticity of this handcrafted Made in Italy product against counterfeits and imitations.

Glassmaker's quality guarantee

All Chandeliers are handcrafted one by one, and each product is guaranteed by the individual Murano glass-making furnace and by the master artisan who created it. The written warranty from the furnace is included in the packaging of every item that we ship to you.

Defect warranty

We guarantee our chandeliers against production defects (Dlgs 206/05) for 24 months after purchase. The written warranty is included in every chandelier we ship, undersigned by the glassmaker who has crafted that Murano Glass creation.

UL general coverage and European directives

All chandeliers, lighting fixtures and lamps are compliant with directives and safety standards applied in the United States and Canada. They are also fully compliant with European Directives regarding lighting and electrical products.

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Our unique features
  • Top Quality

    Only the finest products, handcrafted with care by the glassmakers that have made Murano chandeliers famous worldwide.

  • Certifications

    All our chandeliers are fully UL, CE and CSA certification compliant; lightbulb fittings are customizable with the coupling you need.

  • Trademark of Origin

    Each of our chandeliers is designed and created in Murano, handcrafted in its furnaces and guaranteed by the only Trademark of Origin.

  • Customization

    The exceptional versatility of Murano Glass allows for infinite combinations of shape, size, color and detailing, to make your project unique.

  • Expert Support

    Our team of experts will answer all your questions and meet all your custom needs, from designing your chandelier, all the way through easy installation.

  • Secure Shipping

    Each chandelier is insured and packed in Murano by art glass experts, for worldwide shipping by widely trusted couriers, directly to you.

Frequently asked questions:

Can I customize size, colors and detailing?

Of course! All our chandeliers are fully customizable, from the number of lights to the shapes and details, with personalized dimensions and colors that fit your unique decor needs.

Are they easy to install?

Yes, in fact our entire lighting collection has been designed specifically with the online customer in mind, for ease of assembly and installation. Of course, you can always count on our expert team to support you in your every need.

What if I happen to break a piece?

All of our chandeliers are shipped with a few spare parts, just in case! We also designed these chandeliers especially for online purchasing, standardizing the fittings to ensure that replacement pieces can be produced quickly and easily.

What assistance can I count on?

Our expert team is dedicated to excellent customer care, from the first steps in designing and choosing your perfect chandelier all the way to secure delivery and assistance for installation, anywhere in the world.

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The exceptional quality of our fully customizable products, always guaranteed by the Trademark of Origin, will make your dreams come true!

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